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Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Michael Willemsen. I’m asking for your vote to represent you and all the people of Minnesota’s 13th Senate District.

This campaign is a little different. I’m an optimist by choice. I believe people are intelligent. You’re here on this website. You can make an informed choice to vote and who you will vote for based on the information provided. For contrast you can check out my opponent, Jeff Howe, [here]. This campaign is not about him. It’s about:


Climate Change

20190616_120743If elected, I will vote to support a Green New Deal for Minnesota. 100% renewable energy by 2030. You can count on me to be a voice for protecting and restoring our state parks, forests, lakes, and rivers. I believe in science. I will fight to keep Minnesota nice.

“Minnesota has a current standard of 25 percent by 2025 and at least 10 percent from solar by 2030. Many of Minnesota’s utilities are well ahead of pace in developing renewable energy sources envisioned by the renewable energy standard. Xcel Energy plans to reach 60 percent renewable energy by 2030, while Great River Energy, the state’s second largest electricity producer serving member-owner cooperatives, plans to reach 50 percent renewables by 2030.”  [PV Magazine 9/10/18]

I support ending subsidies for industrial agriculture. Please consider reducing your meat consumption and adopting a more whole foods plant based diet. If you’re already vegetarian or vegan, thank you.


Criminal Justice Reform

Many states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. I support full legalization of marijuana and expungement of prior marijuana convictions. No one should loose their family and end up in prison for smoking a natural herb.  icecreamcone

Racial Equity

black_lives_matter_png_135345We know that this senceless war on drugs is racist. See The New Jim Crow. I don’t care if people are black, brown, red, white, or yellow. We are all humans and we all deserve equal rights and justice.

I support sanctuary cities, drivers licenses for all, and a welcoming state for immigrants. Why? Because diversity is a good thing. When you have plenty of resources – it’s good to share. What about reparations? Yup. Tax the wealthy and make it so.

Women’s Rights

I fully support an equal rights amendments. ERAMN has been doing some great work to raise awareness and push this forward.

i_stand_with_blocks-updated.png__1200x900_q75_subsampling-2I’m pro choice. Not my body. Not my choice. I support a woman’s right to choose and I stand with Planned Parenthood. I’m grateful for the outstanding work they do to educate our community on family planning. I support comprehensive, science based, sexual education at age appropriate levels.


LGBTQ+ Rights

The Minnesota Legislature passed a same-sex marriage bill in May 2013, which Governor Mark Dayton signed on May 14, 2013. In Minnesota, love is the law. Let’s continue to keep Minnesota nice for all of our residents. There is separation of church and state for a reason.

We have more work to do! Ban conversion therapy, Enact laws that prevent discrimination against a person based on gender identity, sexual orientation or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation. We must legally ensure the LGBTQ+ community is not denied their rights to access healthcare, housing, employment, and public accommodations.

For a complete listing of my socialist views on public policy please visit the issues page. If you’re ready to join our campaign of the people, by the people and for the people:

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